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Eudaimonic Therapy and Coaching

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Are you a high level leader who's ability to lead is being affected by a stress, anxiety, burnout or another mental health concern? Are you struggling to fire on all cylinders in your leadership role? Is your personal life impacting your work-life? Want to boost your leadership effectiveness?

As a fully qualified Existential & CBT Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, with 23 years experience, I offer Executive Therapy and Coaching, to help leaders to be the best version of themselves.

For C Suite Leaders, Senior Mangers, and worth Entrepreneurs affected by e.g. addiction, anxiety, stress, burnout, trauma or depression, etc , execuive therapy helps grow insight, explore diffuclt feelings, apply new coping strategies, and, ultimately find lasting relief.
For leaders and also high potential executives wanting to boost leadership performance, successfully overcome workplace challenges, or achieve even greater professoanl success, executive coaching is a vital resource.


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